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Business Class Chairs

  Best Seat On The Plane No one rides coach at MotoArt! Business class is a great way to fly, and MotoArt has provided the means to have that comfort any time of day or night with their new Business Class Chairs. Enjoy that sweet super comfy chestnut color leather coziness at the home or […]

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GII Wing Bar

Book a flight for straight-up fun and fly high on the wings of MotoArt’s new super stylish, extremely distinct, undeniably cool G2 Wing Bar. Fashioned from the tail fins of the prestigious Gulfstream 2, this handcrafted custom-made bar is literally a shining example of how amazing and hip airplane furniture can be.   After hundreds

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Fuselage Bench

Fuselage 3-wide Seating incorporates fuselage and re-upholstered three-wide airline seating where each side is an isle location.  Each is customized to client specifications including material of upholstery and exterior fuselage finish.

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Jumbo 747 Sleeper

It’s okay to dream of flying away with the MotoArt Jumbo 747 Sleeper. This General Electric engine nacelle is cut in half to form the rounded foot and headboard. Connected with a custom fabricated aluminum I-beam frame, the complete circumference of the bed is lit from below with programmable LED units. The highly polished cowlings

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Piston Desk Watch

    MotoArt Rule #1 – No clocks! But after finding 5,000 new 1940’s era Jacobs radial engine pistons, we had to figure out something to do with them. Thus, was born our very cool DeskWatch. These dead stock new pistons are machined at a 60-degree angle for easy reading.

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Jacobs Radial Engine Table

The inside of a Radial Engine never looked so good. Detailed with aluminum parts that are painstakingly polished, with chrome plated steel gears and gold plated bronze bearings.The complicated internal workings of this engine will be a compliment to any art collection, office, hanger or home. Offered in a very limited edition.

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Douglas Pedal Table

Control the direction of your style with the Douglas Pedal Table. This table is designed and fabricated from the very rare Douglas C-133 aircraft. A total of 15 units available in this series. Each table is completely dismantled to the last bolt, then restored to a museum quality finish. Custom colors are available to match

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F-4 Ejection Barstool

The F-4 Ejection Bar Stool is designed using the original bucket seat from an F-4 Phantom Jet Fighter. Our workmanship includes utilizing the original paint with highlighted accents and high performance upholstery. The F-4 ejection seat is supported by custom fabricated aluminum legs that are powder coated Reflective Silver.

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Radial Engine Piston Lamps

What once torqued the engine of a 1940’s Jacobs Radial is now available in desk lamp. Designed with an authentic Jacobs piston and a UL listed LED adjustable gooseneck lamp, this lamp will shine for 100,000 hours without needing to be replaced. Also Available are the Architects Spring Arm Lamps with halogen lighting.

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DC-9 Wall Sconce

Light up your way with a DC-9 Wall Sconce. Designed with “jackscrew” access door that is mirror polished and illuminated with 110 volt lighting. Only one available per aircraft, so if you need a dozen, you better start laying off some pilots.

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