DC-3 Conference Table

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It seems unfathomable that MotoArt’s new conference table – a completely stunning example of high-level craftsmanship – was once part of a decaying derelict airplane in a far off scrap heap. Through countless man-hours and a sophisticated design sense, the MotoArt team has repurposed the tailfin of a forgotten DC-3 aircraft and created the DC-3 Conference Table – a gorgeous exemplification of what airplane furniture is and what it should be.

The DC-3 Conference Table integrates and blends a contemporary architectural perspective with the soul of a World War II transport plane. What’s born is a custom-made conference table that is big, bold and packs an energy that permeates any space. There’s no denying that business gets done differently when people are moved, engaged and energized.

With turned aluminum under paneling, a gleaming mirror polished leading edge that spans nearly 12-feet, the DC-3 Conference Table is nothing short of powerful go to these guys. It’s supported by sturdy A-frame-style powder-coated aluminum legs and topped with an elegant ½ inch sheet of tempered glass. Beneath this refined transparence are the exposed and intriguing internal ribs of the stabilizer that can be powder-coated in a wide array of color choices.

Soar through your next business meeting upon the wings of a MotoArt creation.  Let our team deliver and install the DC-3 Conference Table and you will experience the difference authentic airplane furniture can make to your current office environment. You’ll be amazed!


DIMENSIONS: spans nearly 12-feet



• Turned aluminum under paneling
• Gleaming mirror polished leading edge
• Powder-coated aluminum legs
• ½ inch sheet of tempered glass
• Powder-coated in a wide array of color choices


DC-3 Conference Table
DC-3 Conference Table
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