Large Propeller Sculpture

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These museum-worthy, historic propellers find their way to MotoArt from a variety of aircraft dating back to WWII. Each blade undergoes dozens and dozens of hours sanding and then polished to a mirror finish. These MotoArt sculptures are handsomely mounted on a propeller “clam shell” hub, with internal illumination. To compliment your environment, the hub may be powder-coated any color or chrome plated for an all-polished look. Pricing is based on the size and rarity of the blades.

Propeller Blade           

Convair 7′-4″ B-25 7′-2″
B-17 6′-6″ DC-3 6′-6″
B-50 9′ P-3 Orion 7′-3″
P-47 7′-4″ Hellcat 6′-8″
Corsair 7′-6″ P-51 6′-4″
DC-6 7′-4″ Constellation 8′-6″
C-130 7′-4″ DC-4 7′-4″






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Large Propeller Sculpture
Large Propeller Sculpture
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