B-52 Bomber Conference Table

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B-52 Bomber Furniture

The B-52 Bomber Conference Table is not just one of the most breathtaking works of custom furniture in existence – it is a substantial piece of U.S. history. MotoArt has taken the inner wing flap of the legendary B-52 Bomber and created a large-scale dominant conference table that will invoke awe for all who enter the room.

Custom Executive Office Furniture

 This impressive work, steeped in aviation lore, is a powerful and commanding centerpiece for any conference room. At 24′ long and 6′ wide there is more than ample area to conduct business and get things done. The thick 1/2″ glass sheet that sits atop the hearty wing – a wing that’s flown over the world’s oceans, conveys dignity and a very specific brand of formality. Refitted for this purpose, MotoArt considered every detail, respecting the service this great plane has provided for the country and what it can continue to do in this revised incarnation.  Visitors will be spellbound by the high level of finish work this table flaunts. Thousands of rivets within the context of a flawless mirror-finish make the B-52 Bomber Conference Table a true stunner. 

Functional Art

 Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a major piece of aviation history. Who cares if you might be placed on a US government watchlist for years to come, the fact is – your table was grandfathered in before the law clamped down regarding the purchase of military aircraft.





• Mirror Polished


b-52 bomber
B-52 Bomber Conference Table
b-52 bomber
B-52 Bomber Conference Table
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