Delta Wingman

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The MotoArt team couldn’t be more proud of their latest custom-made desk, the Delta Wingman. Born from the two rear stabilizers of the iconic DC-9, also known as the T-tail, this desk literally looks like it could fly out of the office back into the sky where it spent its life.


“When we designed this piece, we wanted to keep the sensation of flight,” said MotoArt Co-founder Dave Hall. “The vertical and horizontal lines on the DC-9 wing stabilizer make it look as if it’s actually taking off. We’re really pleased with the final outcome.”


Polished and finished to absolute perfection with a base that expertly compliments the lines of the tailfins, the Delta Wingman is what MotoArt airplane furniture is all about – distinct, stylish and flat-out incomparable. 


The substantial 1/2” tempered glass top mirrors the angles of the wing providing a fresh and modern sophistication. Below the desk, an ample-sized back cabinet is built in to provide storage space for computer equipment or perhaps a bottle of scotch (or two) for the Don Draper’s in the crowd. The desk shown is 12’ but is offered as large as 30’. Heights range from 30” – 42”.


The DC-9 was an innovative aircraft that changed the way the population traveled the world. Although Delta retired their last DC-9 in 2014, this aircraft lives on as a gorgeous piece of high-end, custom-designed airplane furniture – built by the pioneers and trendsetters of the craft.





• Mirror Polished


Delta wingman desk
Delta Wingman
Delta wingman desk
Delta Wingman
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