Wingman Reception Desk

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Support your company’s leading edge with an iconic image of Aviation.

Combining vintage design with a modern look, the Wingman Reception desk is built from three DC-9 stabilizers, hard wood and glass to provide a strong, yet sleek image as your clients’ first impression. Shown, here at 94” L X 51” W X 45” H, the three vertical stabilizers are cut, patched, ground, sanded and polished to a mirror finish. The façade of the desk is perforated aluminum framed with bamboo, richly stained dark brown. The Desk’s work surface is made of environmentally “green” bamboo hard wood, protected with ¼” black glass. The upper reception surface sports an aluminum diamond etching covered with ½” clear glass. ½” plexiglass that runs along the base of the stabilizers. Polished aluminum end caps top off the surface at each end. All MotoArt  executive furniture pieces, is designed and constructed to LEEDS (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) standards adhering to produce an environmentally friendly finished product.

Straight from recovery, the pieces are stripped, patched, ground, sanded and polished for 160 hours to produce the high gloss mirror finish seen, here. Colors are interchangeable throughout this handsome piece: powder coated coloring can be added to any surface as you chose. Options include custom cut holes for telephone, computer or video cables, and your corporate logo can be hand cut in any material and fastened to the upper front portion of the desk.

The Wingman Airplane Reception Desk comes from what’s widely considered the most durable aircraft ever in production, beginning in April 1963 with many DC-9s still in operation. Douglas Aircraft designed and built the DC-9 from the ground up, using new designed parts from previous aircraft. Its first flight took place February 25, 1965 and over 2400 airplanes were built between 1965 and 1982. The U.S. Air Force uses DC-9’s, still, renamed VC-9C, to transport VIP’s all around the world such as cabinet members and foreign dignitaries.





• Mirror Polished
• Satin


• Black Stained • Color Stained

Counter top:
• Hardwood
• LG Counter Top•


Wingman Reception Desk
Wingman Reception Desk
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