Fuselage Picture Frames

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Aviation Decor

Your loved ones will always be with you when displayed in the passenger fuselage window.  The fuselage frames are cut from Boeing & Airbus commercial aircraft.  Each unit comes with a wire hanger for wall mounting or with a desktop stand.  Prices do not include picture matting as shown in the photograph.


Upcycled Cabin Windows

Fuselage frames are upcycled from cabin windows. Plane windows are made from acrylic glass, which is much lighter than the glass used on a cockpit windshield. They consist of multiple pane layers. The outer pane can support four times the maximum cabin pressure. An inner pane is built for redundancy. The scratch pane is the layer closest to the passenger. You’d think that the acrylic would be scratched and cloudy after seeing so much pressure, weather and passengers. Good news – these windows are designed for airplane maintenance to be able to restore their optical transparency by polishing every few years. We have polished your windows so your most cherished photos will look amazing in this frame.


Customize Your Frame

  • Available with an engraved plaque with your company logo or message.
  • Available in original, satin and polished version. 


Available Sizes:

All Window Dimensions: 10.5″ wide X 14.25″ tall

  • Single PictureOutside dimensions: 17.5″ wide X 21.5″ tall
  • Double PictureOutside dimensions: 31.5″ wide X 21.5″ tall





Finish Options:


upcycled airplane parts
Fuselage Picture Frames
upcycled airplane parts
Fuselage Picture Frames
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