B-52 Ejection Chair

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Pull the handle and propel your imagination

Jettison an escape from tedium with the new B-52 Ejection Chair by MotoArt. Designed to rescue the pilot or crew member of a B-52 Stratofortress during an emergency by propelling them away from the plane and danger, our chairs are tough but beautiful. Precision mechanics are on full display, with something new to see every time you take a seat. 

An Updated Favorite

Our B-52 ejection chair features a sleek, updated look which embraces the cool, metallic appearance of the original seat as you might find it in a Stratofortress, paired with satin finishes, comfortable leather upholstery, and industrial, multi-directional casters that will allow you to bail out quickly after a long day. 

Escape in the Face of Danger

The B-52 itself could withstand the loss of some of its 8 engines and sustain heavy damage, but many times crews found themselves bailing out moments before an emergency. As one of the most complex systems in an aircraft, the ejection seat and canopy could thrust its occupant to safety in a matter of seconds. Our stunning seat shows off this incredible machinery, allowing you to pilot your own missions, minus the danger. 

B-52 Stratofortress: An Enduring Legacy

The B-52 has endured 65+ years with the US Air Force and is expected to remain in service through 2050, which could make it the only jet to remain in continuous service for a hundred years. Its longevity is a testament to its durable design, versatility, and adaptability to ever changing technologies and world events. Due to military and Homeland Security regulations, authentic B-52 ejection seats are not available. Once our supply is gone, this design will be retired. 





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B-52 Ejection Chair
B-52 Ejection Chair
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