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Airplane desk

MotoArt’s MD-80 Wing Desk is the newest addition to our line of stunning, aviation-inspired furniture. It is also the first piece of our MD-80 Collection which we are pleased to introduce this year. The Mad Dog Wing Desk enjoys all of the fine craftsmanship that MotoArt is known for in creating the most beautiful aviation furnishings, but with a new touch. 

It all begins with the retired American Airlines MD-80 T-tail horizontal stabilizer. Each one is individually hand-lowered by a lift, then hand-cut by a small crew. They are carefully loaded and their journey continues. They are driven from the airplane boneyard in Roswell, New Mexico to MotoArt Studios in Torrance, California. Like all of the exquisite furnishings that are created here, the team labors for hours to bring back the former shine and form that the MD-80 first rolled out of the factory with.

This is where the MD-80 wing desk differs from anything MotoArt has created in our twenty years of making the most unique and iconic aviation furniture. 


Mad Dog Wing Desk

The MD-80 was the last American Airlines plane with a polished aluminum tri-color livery. The Super 80 was designed to carry more passengers and cargo further, from shorter runways in larger cities, at a lower seat-mile cost. Part of its economical design was this buffed silver finish, avoiding the extra weight, and thus higher fuel costs, that a painted fuselage presented. The silver finish became an aviation icon in its own right – a beautiful, shiny livery that stands out amongst the composite bodies beside it.

In keeping with the spirit of the Super 80, our Mad Dog wing desk remains true to the original. We’ve kept the original rivets, paint and every detail as it was designed. Each wing is color sanded and lightly polished to accent the natural patina and texture of the original airplane skin. The result is not only an incredible desk but also truly a piece of aviation history. 

This makes the MD-80 Wing Desk the first of our line of airplane desks to be well within the reach of the rest of us. It shares all of the same high-quality workmanship our furniture is known for, with the same eye-catching appeal, without the price tag. 



Our base model features: 

  • 100+ hours of labor to remove the elevator, acid wash, grind, sand and patch each wing. 

  • Half-inch aluminum plate legs with gusseted design are methodically welded together to enforce a strong and aesthetically striking base. Holes are machined out to decrease weight.  The legs are powder-coated in black chrome and then further defined with polished aluminum faceplates.

  • Rich, finely sanded ¾” hardwood is stained in a black and creates a warm contact point when pulling up to the pilot position of your desk.


Custom Aviation Furniture

The handcrafted, custom-made desk is available in lengths from our standard 6’ to 8’ perfect for a home or private office, all the way up to 15’, suitable for a conference table that will make meetings a first-class affair. 

Make it your own, with customizations that will set it apart from the rest. 

  • Add a ½” tempered glass top, which will accent the sleek design and protect the surface. 

  • Choose a satin or mirror finish and really make this the center of attention. A mirror finish is achieved by our craftsmen spending dozens of hours hand polishing – and it shows. It will have everyone passing by stop to check out their reflection. A real show stopper.

  • Even the wood accent pieces can be matched to your desire. No need to stay with black when there is an array of other finishes and colors to choose from. 

The sky – and your imagination – is the only limit here. 


MotoArt’s 20th Anniversary

Celebrate with us as we ramp up to our 20th anniversary next year. Our MD-80 Wing Desk is just one of the many exciting things we have in store. Subscribe now to receive our new e-blasts so you don’t miss a thing.


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DIMENSIONS: Custom Cut 6-8 feet Long



  • Natural Paint and Buffed Aluminum
  • Black Stained Wood Accents, additional colors available
  • Mirror or Satin Finish
  • Optional Glass Top


aviation furniture
MD-80 Desk
aviation furniture
MD-80 Desk
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