Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table

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Beech 18 Elevator Table

Introducing the newest conference table design from MotoArt – the Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table. Taking inspiration from the rugged and timeless design of the Beech 18, this conference table exudes an irresistible combination of durability and sex appeal that is sure to impress clients, guests, and colleagues alike, while also serving as a conversation piece that showcases your appreciation for aviation history and unique design.

Beechcraft Model 18

The Beech 18, also known as the Beechcraft Model 18, is a versatile and reliable aircraft that has been used in a variety of roles since its introduction in the 1930s. Originally designed as a light transport and utility aircraft, the Beech 18 has been used for everything from military transport to aerial surveying and firefighting. Its bold and iconic silhouette, combined with its powerful performance, make it a plane that commands attention and respect. From its vintage look to its enduring popularity among pilots, the Beech 18 embodies the spirit of aviation and stands out as a true classic.

Control the Pitch

The elevator, part of the aircraft’s flight control system, is a movable surface used to control the pitch of the airplane during flight. Designed to withstand the stresses of flight and to provide precise and responsive control to the pilot, this Beech 18 elevator will have you fully in control of your creativity and inspiration. Combining the width of two elevators provides a strong and stable surface, with ample room for meetings, discussions and collaborating. 

This stunning piece of furniture is crafted from two Beech 18 elevators, which have been carefully salvaged and repurposed, cleaned, and polished to create a sleek and modern design that pays homage to the aviation industry’s rich history. 

You’re in control – design your conference table the way you want it. Choose the length, color, finish, and more to build a power piece that, like the Beech 18 itself, is both rugged and sexy, and impossible to forget. 

Why choose a conference table from MotoArt?

Owning a custom MotoArt conference table elevates your office or hangar home to new heights. Not only is it a unique and exciting way to bring the history and beauty of aviation into your workspace, it is a symbol of your success and dedication to your field. It also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability while investing in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.


DIMENSIONS: 13’-5” length x 4’-4” wide (without glass)



Powder coated
Satin aluminum finish

As pictured, the Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table features: 

  • 13’-5” length without glass
  • 4’-4” wide without glass
  • 1/2” tempered glass
  • Turned aluminum under paneling
  • Satin aluminum finish
  • Bamboo hardwood base
  • Data ports



Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table Top View
Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table
Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table Top View
Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table
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