Conference Tables

Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table Top View

Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table

Beech 18 Elevator Table Introducing the newest conference table design from MotoArt – the Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table. Taking inspiration from the rugged and timeless design of the Beech 18, this conference table exudes an irresistible combination of durability and sex appeal that is sure to impress clients, guests, and colleagues alike, while also …

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DC-3 Conference Table

It seems unfathomable that MotoArt’s new conference table – a completely stunning example of high-level craftsmanship – was once part of a decaying derelict airplane in a far off scrap heap. Through countless man-hours and a sophisticated design sense, the MotoArt team has repurposed the tailfin of a forgotten DC-3 aircraft and created the DC-3 …

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Fuselage Conference Table

MotoArt’s new Fuselage Conference Table flies high above the generic carrying a cabin full of style, elegance, and distinctive design. There’s no doubt a conference room table, being the centerpiece of any room, needs to be bold and commanding – but also stylish, smart, and striking. The Fuselage Conference Table is all of these. Cut …

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bamboo biplane

Bamboo Biplane Conference Table

Biplane Conference Table The unmistakable shape of a biplane wing acts as the muse for MotoArt’s latest creation – The Bamboo Biplane Conference Table. Occupying a place of reverence within the aviation world, the biplane exudes this same dignity when transformed into a gorgeous piece of custom office furniture. Functional Art The MotoArt design team …

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Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table

One word comes to mind after taking a good long look at the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table– Epic! Formed from a General Electric engine nacelle, this piece of custom furniture is living proof why MotoArt is considered the pioneer, forerunner and standard-bearer of airplane furniture. Although fit for the Guggenheim, it’s better as a defining element for …

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C-130 Inner Flap Conference Table

Change the course of your office dynamic with a custom piece of airplane furniture derived from the flap of the historic C-130 transport aircraft. The MotoArt team has cut, ground, buffed and polished this flap for hundreds of man-hours to create a beautiful high-gloss finish that exudes an executive brand of style and strength.  The rugged, yet …

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KC-97 Fuel Cradle Conference Table

Perhaps the most unusual conference table in the MotoArt gallery is the KC-97 Fuel Cradle Conference Table. Based on the B-29, the KC-97 was the U.S. military’s first long range, round the world fuel tanker, but when transformed into a cleanly designed piece of custom furniture, it will fuel the energy of any conference room.  The Fuel …

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Stearman Wing Conference Table

The Stearman Wing Conference Table is a brilliant example of what MotoArt does – contemporary furniture design intertwined with aviation history and lore – all blended to create masterpieces suitable for museums but built for office spaces. This handcrafted custom-made conference table is a jaw-dropper. Once the wing of a Stearman biplane is now a conference table …

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Twin Beech Conference Table

The strong angles formed by combining two ailerons of a Beechcraft Model 18 “Twin Beech” aircraft (active from the 40s through the 70s) make the Twin Beech Conference Table one of MotoArt’s more bold and impactful works of custom furniture. The mirror polished details, turned aluminum under-paneling, exposed rivets and authentic serial number plate give this conference …

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G2 Gulfstream Conference Table

Nothing symbolizes success like a Gulfstream business jet. Known for their cutting edge technology, top of the line comfort and stability at high speeds, MotoArt saw the G-II as a perfect vehicle for a high-end piece of custom airplane furniture. The legendary status of Gulfstream within the corporate and celebrity universe comes shining through in this beautifully …

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