DC-4 Conference Table

From the rugged wing of the Douglas DC-4 that flew in the 1930s and 40s, comes the Douglas DC-4 Conference Table that is sleek, unique and altogether commanding.  Like the DC-4 itself, this piece of custom furniture is built for business. The MotoArt crew devoted over 120-man hours to create a custom conference table that will stop […]

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C-119 Aileron Conference Table

Position your corporate attitude to a permanently upward angle with this rare and historic tool of aerial recovery. This exquisite conference table is built using two ailerons from the C-119 aircraft. The original cloth is removed to expose the intricately detailed skeletal structure within. The two ailerons are tapered and assembled to achieve comfortable leg

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b-52 bomber

B-52 Bomber Conference Table

B-52 Bomber Furniture The B-52 Bomber Conference Table is not just one of the most breathtaking works of custom furniture in existence – it is a substantial piece of U.S. history. MotoArt has taken the inner wing flap of the legendary B-52 Bomber and created a large-scale dominant conference table that will invoke awe for all who

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MK-84 Blockbuster Bomb Table

Duck and Cover! MotoArt is dropping bombs of style in the form of the Blockbuster Bomb Table – a super funky and playful cocktail table created from a deactivated MK-84 tail fin assembly. Each “bomb” is internally illuminated and fitted with a sleek sheet of tempered glass, 40″ diameter and 3/8″ thick. This table has

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B-52 Stator Table

B 52 Table: A New Spin on A MotoArt Classic MotoArt first began offering the classic B-52 Spinner Table in 2002. They were created from original Pratt & Whitney J-57 jet engine nose assembly gear box covers, upcycled from genuine B-52 engines. We originally acquired 100 engine spinners from the Tucson, AZ boneyard and are

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B-25 Bomber Desks

This limited edition desk is sleek in design and rich in aviation history. The aluminum frame, once covered in cloth, is exposed to reveal design details of the elevators and rudders used to form this fine piece of executive furniture. It is a robust and hardy looking piece of airplane furniture and exudes the same

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Aileron Credenza

A simple, yet elegant credenza that will compliment your MotoArt Desk.  Designed using a powder coated C-119 Aileron, with your option of Machine Turned Aluminum under panel and a smoked glass bottom shelf.  The piece can be built to your specifications including height, color and length.

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Galley Bar Credenza

For the person on the go we present our Galley Cart Credenza. Fitted with original brakes, this credenza is happy in a stationary position or ready to roll when you are. Completed with two diamond plated airline beverage carts connected with custom machined aluminum “I” beams. The shelf surfaces are 3/8″ tempered glass with flat

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Mile High Bed

Join the Mile High Club without the hassle of going to the airport. The Mile High Bed will lift you to new altitudes of comfort and style. Designed and fabricated from two DC-9 rear stabilizers and a C-130 inner flap. The bed is 11′ long x 7′-6″ wide x 4′-6″ high. All surfaces are sanded

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