Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table Top View

Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table

Beech 18 Elevator Table Introducing the newest conference table design from MotoArt – the Beech 18 Elevator Conference Table. Taking inspiration from the rugged and timeless design of the Beech 18, this conference table exudes an irresistible combination of durability and sex appeal that is sure to impress clients, guests, and colleagues alike, while also …

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P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture

Aviation Art by MotoArt Stop and look. The newest Propeller Sculpture by MotoArt will halt your visitors in their tracks, no matter where you place it. Made from rare test club P-3 Orion propellers – not merely replica or decorative props – along with MotoArt’s signature touches, to create a truly museum-worthy work of art. …

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AA MD-80 Mad Dog WingBar

New for 2022 by MotoArt MotoArt is proud to introduce our newest piece – the Mad Dog WingBar. Created from genuine American Airlines MD-80 parts, this bar offers an incredible history and legacy wrapped up in incomparable style. From the tips of the unmistakable T-Tail horizontal stabilizers to every last detail – our newest bar …

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Twin Beech 18 Coffee Table

Twin Beech 18 Aircraft Coffee Table The newest design from MotoArt will serve as the focal point of your office or entertainment space – while serving your guests their coffee or other beverages as they gather around this incredible piece of furniture. Our new Twin Beech Coffee Table expands on our earlier Beech 18 Coffee …

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Beech 18 Address Propeller

Fly high above the rest. Be noticed from the ground. With our newest custom piece, visitors will never miss your home, office or business. Own an authentic Beech 18 Address Propeller by MotoArt, handcrafted just for you.    The Beechcraft Model 18 had over 9,000 produced from 1937 to 1969. It was widely used, as …

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B-52 Burner Can Table

B-52 Burner Can Table: MotoArt Ignites Aviation Design MotoArt celebrates its nearly 20 year love affair with the B-52 by introducing a brand new design. Meet our newest piece in our B-52 collection – the B-52 Burner Can Table. Our table is a force to be reckoned with. It features an original B-52 stator under …

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MD-80 Cowling Desk

MD-80 Cowling Desk MotoArt’s MD-80 Cowling Desk is the latest in our new line of stunning, aviation-inspired furniture introduced this year: The MD-80 Collection. The MD-80 Cowling Desk enjoys all of the fine craftsmanship that MotoArt is known for in creating the most beautiful aviation furnishings, but with a new touch. It all begins with …

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aviation furniture

MD-80 Desk

Airplane desk MotoArt’s MD-80 Wing Desk is the newest addition to our line of stunning, aviation-inspired furniture. It is also the first piece of our MD-80 Collection which we are pleased to introduce this year. The Mad Dog Wing Desk enjoys all of the fine craftsmanship that MotoArt is known for in creating the most …

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Beech 18 Coffee Table

Place decades of aviation history in your living room or office with our new Beech 18 Coffee Table.  The Beechcraft Model 18 was made from 1937 -1969 and served corporate, military and the flying public with timeless style.   Designed and made using an authentic twin tail vertical stabilizer, MotoArt has stylishly created aluminum legs to …

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F-80 Shooting Star Desk

MotoArt’s new F-80 Shooting Star Stabilizer desk is being offered in a very limited edition of ten airframes. The F-80 is the United States first jet-powered fighter that was introduced at the trail end of World War II, but was widely used during the Korean War conflict. The Shooting Star airframe is is beautifully mirror …

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