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B-52 Burner Can Table

B-52 Burner Can Table: MotoArt Ignites Aviation Design MotoArt celebrates its nearly 20 year love affair with the B-52 by introducing a brand new design. Meet our newest piece in our B-52 collection – the B-52 Burner Can Table. Our table is a force to be reckoned with. It features an original B-52 stator under …

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Beechcraft Bullet Table

After decades soaring through the skies on the wing of an actual C-45 / Beechcraft airplane, this heavy-duty propeller housing has officially landed… permanently. Today it starts a new life as the Glass Prop Table – MotoArt’s latest incredible creation. At the crossroads of form and function, this stylish table is what airplane furniture is …

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C-45 Fuel Tank Table

The C-45 Fuel Tank Table is cause for a double take.  These all aluminum 1950’s aircraft 78 gallon fuel tanks, from a retired military workhorse, have been transformed from utilitarian containers to a chic minimalist furniture design suitable for any number of spaces. The tanks, in their natural state are the perfect height of 30” …

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MK-84 Blockbuster Bomb Table

Duck and Cover! MotoArt is dropping bombs of style in the form of the Blockbuster Bomb Table – a super funky and playful cocktail table created from a deactivated MK-84 tail fin assembly. Each “bomb” is internally illuminated and fitted with a sleek sheet of tempered glass, 40″ diameter and 3/8″ thick. This table has …

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