P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture

Aviation Art by MotoArt Stop and look. The newest Propeller Sculpture by MotoArt will halt your visitors in their tracks, no matter where you place it. Made from rare test club P-3 Orion propellers – not merely replica or decorative props – along with MotoArt’s signature touches, to create a truly museum-worthy work of art. …

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Beech 18 Address Propeller

Fly high above the rest. Be noticed from the ground. With our newest custom piece, visitors will never miss your home, office or business. Own an authentic Beech 18 Address Propeller by MotoArt, handcrafted just for you.    The Beechcraft Model 18 had over 9,000 produced from 1937 to 1969. It was widely used, as …

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737 Cowling Mirror

Ordinarily to stand inches away and stare directly into the cowling of a Boeing 737 would be a very loud, uncomfortable and maybe death-defying experience, but gazing into Motoart’s 737 Engine Cowling Mirror is the complete opposite. Formed from an actual cowling that flew high above the clouds and into the stratosphere is now a …

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C-124 Cargo Wall Shelf

Go big and bold with MotoArt’s amazing new C-124 Cargo Wall Shelf. Created from the cargo floor panels of the classic Douglas C-124 Globemaster cargo plane of the 50s and 60s, this hand-made, pure-bred example of high-end airplane furniture is both functional and great looking. The exposed rivets and industrial look complimented by 1/2” tempered …

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747 Cowling Entryway

At MotoArt, we know how to make an entrance! What was once surrounding one of the muscular engines of a 747 cruising at more than 500 miles-per-hour is now the most distinctive entryway you have ever seen.   This circular eight-and-a-half-foot tall engine cowling entryway is beautiful in its size, shape and simplicity. With a …

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Stratotanker Sink

What once refueled the biggest fleet of aircraft in the world can now land in your bathroom.  Introducing MotoArt’s first sink design fabricated from a KC-97 front landing gear door. With a subtle satin metal finish and a large capacity sink, this bold piece makes a dynamic statement in any home or business application.  Limited …

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Radial Test Club Wall Art

A rare combination set of a fully refurbished four-bladed wooden Test Club propeller, and a 1930’s-50’s Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine. The restored P&W engine is precision cut in half with wall mounted brackets. A stunning and beautiful display that will turn any office or home into a small museum. Not sold separately. Smaller …

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Piston Desk Watch

    MotoArt Rule #1 – No clocks! But after finding 5,000 new 1940’s era Jacobs radial engine pistons, we had to figure out something to do with them. Thus, was born our very cool DeskWatch. These dead stock new pistons are machined at a 60-degree angle for easy reading.


B-52 Stratofortress Mirror

Light up your skies with the beautiful B-52 Mirror. Each piece is powder coated in reflective silver measuring out at 36″ in total diameter and centered with a 20″ mirror with backlit internal illumination. Each piece is easy to mount with all attachments included. Choice of backlighting in gold, blue, green, red and clear illumination.