Delta Wingman

The MotoArt team couldn’t be more proud of their latest custom-made desk, the Delta Wingman. Born from the two rear stabilizers of the iconic DC-9, also known as the T-tail, this desk literally looks like it could fly out of the office back into the sky where it spent its life.   “When we designed […]

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Fuselage Doors

When it comes to first impressions, probably nothing packs more punch than an exquisitely interesting door. It, of course, commands the visual senses, but it is also tactile. It’s one of the few design elements that a visitor actually interacts with. The MotoArt team kept all of that in mind when they created their new

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Albatross Elevator Desk

Elevate the design and character of your office space with MotoArt’s newly designed, very limited, Albatross Elevator Desk. Crafted from the rear elevator of the historic Albatross (also known as the flying boat) this desk is a stunning creation. MotoArt’s impeccable attention to detail and world famous design sense is completely evident in this custom-made

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Stratotanker Sink

What once refueled the biggest fleet of aircraft in the world can now land in your bathroom.  Introducing MotoArt’s first sink design fabricated from a KC-97 front landing gear door. With a subtle satin metal finish and a large capacity sink, this bold piece makes a dynamic statement in any home or business application.  Limited

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The good times will no doubt reach the highest of altitudes with MotoArt’s newest creation – the Skybar. Formed from an authentic commercial aircraft fuselage, it featurs a stainless steel working surface and a deep, flat-black composite counter top. The Skybar blends colors and textures with the inimitable style and nuance that makes MotoArt world

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bamboo biplane

Bamboo Biplane Conference Table

Biplane Conference Table The unmistakable shape of a biplane wing acts as the muse for MotoArt’s latest creation – The Bamboo Biplane Conference Table. Occupying a place of reverence within the aviation world, the biplane exudes this same dignity when transformed into a gorgeous piece of custom office furniture. Functional Art The MotoArt design team

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Twin-Tail Beech Desk

Capturing the elegance of the 1930s & 40s, the Twin-Tail Beech Desk from MotoArt is a timeless piece.  Combining the tail rudder and the vertical wing stabilizer, this desk is conveniently small enough to fit into any room – yet big enough to provide a spacious work surface.    With a choice of vintage raw

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Wall-mounted Fuselage Book Shelf

Doesn’t get any cooler than this. MotoArt’s Wall-Mounted Fuselage Shelf from a Boeing aircraft has a flawless mirror-polished finish that creates the ultimate backdrop for displaying your favorites collectibles. Our reinforced shelf stand-offs are powder-coated in the color of your choice and topped with 1/2″ tempered glass. The passenger windows are internally illuminated with perforated

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Aileron Coffee Table

MotoArt’s double tiered glass aileron coffee table not only showcases a little of aviation history, it also has enough charm to accent your home or office. The vintage, cloth covered airframes we use come from a variety of different aircraft wing ailerons we are fortunate enough to have access to including C-119’s, B-25’s, as well

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