aviation furniture

MD-80 Desk

Airplane desk MotoArt’s MD-80 Wing Desk is the newest addition to our line of stunning, aviation-inspired furniture. It is also the first piece of our MD-80 Collection which we are pleased to introduce this year. The Mad Dog Wing Desk enjoys all of the fine craftsmanship that MotoArt is known for in creating the most …

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F-4 Phantom Desk

Inspired by the clean lines of contemporary, utilitarian design and modern architecture, this desk not only creates a grounded professional atmosphere but inspires those to soar in accord. A high-mirror polished landing gear door supports a clear, tempered glass top allowing the F-4 bomber enthusiast a place to work under a slice of 35k lbs …

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Beech 18 Desk

This intimate little desk is created from the iconic Beech 18 tail assembly.  Accented with 1/2” glass and sexy modern legs custom made from solid clear coated 1/2” aluminum.  The Beech 18 Desk is sized to fit in any home or office at 65” long by 30” at the widest point.  Each comes complete with …

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Delta Wingman

The MotoArt team couldn’t be more proud of their latest custom-made desk, the Delta Wingman. Born from the two rear stabilizers of the iconic DC-9, also known as the T-tail, this desk literally looks like it could fly out of the office back into the sky where it spent its life.   “When we designed …

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Albatross Elevator Desk

Elevate the design and character of your office space with MotoArt’s newly designed, very limited, Albatross Elevator Desk. Crafted from the rear elevator of the historic Albatross (also known as the flying boat) this desk is a stunning creation. MotoArt’s impeccable attention to detail and world famous design sense is completely evident in this custom-made …

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Twin-Tail Beech Desk

Capturing the elegance of the 1930s & 40s, the Twin-Tail Beech Desk from MotoArt is a timeless piece.  Combining the tail rudder and the vertical wing stabilizer, this desk is conveniently small enough to fit into any room – yet big enough to provide a spacious work surface.    With a choice of vintage raw …

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Twin Beech Wing Flap Desk

You asked, we delivered – a small footprint desk, with a big visual impact, that works in any sized space.  The lines and angles of the Twin Beech Wing Flap Desk are sleek and contemporary, but the desk itself exudes strength and fortitude, like airplane furniture tends to do.   Using a skeletal wing flap from a …

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Jet Set Executive Desk

Now you can always have a window seat with MotoArt’s Jet Set Executive Desk. Created from an authentic Boeing (or Douglas) aircraft fuselage, this custom made piece of airplane furniture will set the tone of any office. The windows that thousands of eyes gazed through while cruising at 30,000 feet are now part of a …

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G2 Gulfstream Desk

Gulfstream jets radiate success, quality and excellence – the perfect clay from which to mold one of the most stylish pieces in the MotoArt collection. It’s no wonder the G2 Wing Executive Desk was featured in Playboy Magazine among other national and international publications. It’s a daring design that, like the supersonic jet it once …

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Fuselage Reception Desk

An office’s reception area is where impressions are made and MotoArt is in business to make impressions. The Fuselage Reception Desk, created from the fuselage of an actual jet, will seer the image of your company into the minds of all who come upon it   Sleek, modern and polished to a mirror finish, this …

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