Cowling Desks


Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk

Go Supersonic with the Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk. Sleek and refined, with an upward angle and dynamic style, this piece is a real scene-stealer. Integrating engine inlets from a CFM56 engine, it measures 78 inches outside and 63 inches on the inside, making large enough for two people. The elegant, interior desk is made …

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DC-8 Dual Cowling Reception Desk

Create maximum impact on first glance with MotoArt’s DC-8 Dual Cowling Reception Desk. This piece is designed for full service functionality with ADA wheel chair accessibility, multiple data ports, highly durable Avonite working surfaces and a convenient glass counter top. This elegant MotoArt piece is created from two DC-8 engine cowlings that are precision cut …

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KC-97 Cowling Airplane Desk

Fuel up your corporate entrance! The perfect reception desk for saving space while sporting sleek lines and a modern look. The clear coated hardwood desk inside houses the workspace with comfort, and hardwood end caps add a touch of warmth to the piece. This airplane desk is built from two of the three individual sections …

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DC-6 Cowling Airplane Desk

The Douglas DC-6 Cowling Desk is the best in her class. Originally formed as housings for Pratt & Whitney engines, these cowlings now make an elegant workstation or bar for your use. Beautifully aged and mirror polished.

747 Cowling Reception Desk

The B-747 Cowling Reception Desk makes a dynamic first impression. These rare cowling desks are a very limited edition with only 2-3 of these Jumbo Jets coming off of the production line every year. Salvaged from the 747 Jumbo Jet, this circular desk is 105” in diameter. The interior workspace is fitted with a hardwood …

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B-727 Cowling Airplane Valet Desk

For the truly space conscious work area or living room, the 727 valet desk cowling will fit anywhere and is perfect for the employee who only sits occasionally. This 727 cowling nacelle once covered the 727’s Pratt and Whitney JT8D engines which offered 14,000 pounds of thrust. This piece comes with optional 14” coasters which …

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