Coffee Tables


Twin Beech 18 Coffee Table

Twin Beech 18 Aircraft Coffee Table The newest design from MotoArt will serve as the focal point of your office or entertainment space – while serving your guests their coffee or other beverages as they gather around this incredible piece of furniture. Our new Twin Beech Coffee Table expands on our earlier Beech 18 Coffee […]

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Beech 18 Coffee Table

Place decades of aviation history in your living room or office with our new Beech 18 Coffee Table.  The Beechcraft Model 18 was made from 1937 -1969 and served corporate, military and the flying public with timeless style.   Designed and made using an authentic twin tail vertical stabilizer, MotoArt has stylishly created aluminum legs to

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Fuselage Coffee Table

It’s the plane truth – MotoArt makes custom hand-crafted furniture… airplane furniture, that elevates the character and personality of a given space to higher altitudes. Case and point – the new Fuselage Coffee Table based around an actual fuselage of a Boeing and Douglas aircraft. This thoughtfully designed piece uses a slice of fuselage to

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C-130 Hercules Coffee Table

The C-130 Hercules Coffee Table is a one-of-a-kind piece of custom furniture that instantly injects character into any space. On the huge C-130 airframe this flap helped the Hercules ascend above the clouds in its decades of service as a tactical airlifter, gunship, assault plane, maritime patroller and aerial firefighter for military forces worldwide. It

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Jacobs Radial Engine Table

The inside of a Radial Engine never looked so good. Detailed with aluminum parts that are painstakingly polished, with chrome plated steel gears and gold plated bronze bearings.The complicated internal workings of this engine will be a compliment to any art collection, office, hanger or home. Offered in a very limited edition.

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F-4 Phantom Coffee Table

This smoking hot table is guaranteed to be a Mach 2 conversation piece for your home, hangar or office. Each limited edition F-4 Phantom Table includes 10 authentic burner cans in a circular, 34″ diameter layout x 21″ high. Each burner can is powder coated in Reflective Silver and the cluster is topped with 3/8″

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Douglas Pedal Table

Control the direction of your style with the Douglas Pedal Table. This table is designed and fabricated from the very rare Douglas C-133 aircraft. A total of 15 units available in this series. Each table is completely dismantled to the last bolt, then restored to a museum quality finish. Custom colors are available to match

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DC-9 Wingman Coffee Table

Originally designed for efficient airflow and maximum control for the DC-9 “T” tail, MotoArt gives them new life as the Wingman Coffee Table. These sleek polished aluminum units have been cut into 20″ high sections to create a unique coffee table base. This product is sold without glass for a big cost savings in shipping.

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DC-9 Nacelle Coffee Table

Jet set yourself a new coffee table that will take you to a whole new height.  The MotoArt DC-9 Nacelle Coffee Table is 52” long x 49” and is available in either round or oval glass tops.  MotoArt sands all imperfections of the nose cowl and beautifully polishes each to a mirror finish.  The inset

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Aileron Coffee Table

MotoArt’s double tiered glass aileron coffee table not only showcases a little of aviation history, it also has enough charm to accent your home or office. The vintage, cloth covered airframes we use come from a variety of different aircraft wing ailerons we are fortunate enough to have access to including C-119’s, B-25’s, as well

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