AA MD-80 Mad Dog WingBar

New for 2022 by MotoArt MotoArt is proud to introduce our newest piece – the Mad Dog WingBar. Created from genuine American Airlines MD-80 parts, this bar offers an incredible history and legacy wrapped up in incomparable style. From the tips of the unmistakable T-Tail horizontal stabilizers to every last detail – our newest bar […]

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The good times will no doubt reach the highest of altitudes with MotoArt’s newest creation – the Skybar. Formed from an authentic commercial aircraft fuselage, it featurs a stainless steel working surface and a deep, flat-black composite counter top. The Skybar blends colors and textures with the inimitable style and nuance that makes MotoArt world

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GII Wing Bar

Book a flight for straight-up fun and fly high on the wings of MotoArt’s new super stylish, extremely distinct, undeniably cool G2 Wing Bar. Fashioned from the tail fins of the prestigious Gulfstream 2, this handcrafted custom-made bar is literally a shining example of how amazing and hip airplane furniture can be.   After hundreds

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Airline Galley Bar

On a long flight, there’s nothing more inviting than the sight of the shiny silver galley bar moving down the aisle, powered by an attractive flight-attendant, atop those big shopping-cart wheels. It’s a rolling oasis that says, “Everything’s going to be okay. What you want is in this box” The unit looks relatively small but

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PW-747 Cowling Bar

There is something so intriguing about a sizable aircraft component, like a 747 engine cowling that once housed the titanic power of immense amounts of horsepower, transformed into a piece of custom furniture. Fashioned from the engine cowling of the ultra-iconic Boeing 747, it is a shining example of MotoArt’s uncanny talent for repurposing and

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