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F-4 Ejection Seat
Your work day doesn’t seem quite so bad when you know you have a way to escape. The F-4 Ejection Seat isn’t a replica, but the real deal that’s been welded to a custom swivel chair base. The chair has been left in its original condition to preserve its war-time history.

Airplane Wing Conference Table
Nothing spices up a boring meeting in the conferences room like sitting at the giant Airplane wing conferences table. The glass surfaces lets you peer into the structure of the wing and see the worn details along its surface. You’ll have a hard time focusing on the matters at hand while you imagine what it would have been like to pilot the old bird.

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Plane Desk
The aluminum frame is stripped down to expose the sleek detail of the elevators and rudders of this re-purposed airplane wing. The Mitchell Bomber was used primarily during WWII fitted with .50 caliber machines guns and ran strafing missions. Own your own piece of aviation history and use this beautifully finished Bomber Plan wing as your office desk. 

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