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Warplanes Transformed into Office Furniture
Ever caught yourself daydreaming while stuck in the office chair behind your monitor, imagining yourself as a pilot at the controls of a jet fighter or bomber? If not, then perhaps your levels of maturity are stratospherically higher than ours, but if the excitable child or adventurous spirit in you is not lost, then this high-flying range of furniture could be for you — provided you can afford it.

Trust us, these seats, stools, tables, reception desks, sculptures and even fish tanks are an armchair aviator’s dream, manufactured as they all are from abandoned aircraft parts — many of them from military planes. From engine covers to ejection seats, propellers to rear stabilizers, they’ve all been reclaimed, recycled and reused by MotoArt. Strap yourself in as we take the tour to see what’s on offer.

See full article here: http://1800recycling.com/2011/03/warplanes-office-recycling-furniture

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