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Jumbo 747 Sleeper This cool bed is made up of a General Electric engine, cut in half. By chopping in two, the rounded footer and headboard is created, connected with an I-beam frame and there’s even LED units underneath to give lighting. Plane Enthusiast’s Choice What an amazing idea, to recycle eal life airplane parts […]

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Cool Furniture Made from Vintage Airplane Parts We’ve seen designers recycle a lot of waste, such as used tire, old electronic components and plastic bag to create something amazing. And now, we can add vintage airplane parts to our collection. MotoArt is a team of designers who transform airplane parts into sleek, highly polished modern

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Aircraft Wing Desk by MotoArt Work table is generally made of wood but different from this, what is shown MotoArt to desk made from old the airplane wings is a good idea and a unique,
complete with pink top to create a more classy and unusual. See full article here:  

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These guys find salvaged airplane parts from all over the world and fabricate functional works of art as furniture.  Their collection encompasses a cross between museum quality art and ultra high-end furniture.  Their pieces are tributes to the aircrafts they came from.  Aviation history buffs and enthusiasts will want to check out this site for

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Unique furniture of violence and desire Chris Nakashima-Brown emails to tell me about MotoArt, which produces SMOKING HOT furniture made from aviation parts. As Chris says: ‘The perfect extra touch for the Ballardian bachelor pad…’ I want the B-52 Office Ejection Seat … and the F-4 Phantom Coffee Table … Oh and the … oh,

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Recycled Jet Beds by MotoArt Old jet parts are given a second life as all sorts of different items, but the design team at MotoArt takes recycled jet parts transforming them into incredible beds. These MotoArt Jet Beds are forged from several different models of planes, and several different parts including 747 engine nacelle cowlings,

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Creative Overflow

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk Get your best thinking done on the wing of this B-25 bomber desk. A piece of aviation history in your office and it looks utterly remarkable. See full article here:  

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I want a Jumbo Jet Executive Desk! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE the stuff they do over at MotoArt, where they take vintage airplane parts and use them to create the most amazingly tasty corporate and home furniture.

The problem is that the little rascals keep on tempting me.

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