Aircraft History of the Waco



Founded: 1919
Defunct: 1965
Industry: Aerospace
Predecessor: Weaver Aircraft Company
Headquarters: Troy, Ohio, United States
Products: Light aircraft

Tapping in to an essential piece of aviation history, our newest Conference Table has emerged from the esteemed line of the Waco Aircraft Company. Coming on to the aviation scene in 1920 with their initial floatplane design, the engineers at Waco built a reputation of producing reliable, rugged planes. A luxury for businessmen and a staple for the postal service and explorers, the company turned out iconic open cockpit biplanes and later closed-cabin biplanes after 1930.

Aside from luxury and business travel, the Waco Aircraft Company contributed to the war effort by producing large numbers of military gliders not only for the US Army Air Forces but for the RAF as well. Used during the Normandy Invasion and Operation Market Garden, these planes made their mark on the world.

Ceasing operations after the boom of World War II, the planes made by the Waco Aircraft Company have earned their place as treasured collectors pieces, leaving their iconic image with us forever.


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