Aircraft History of the G2



First flight: 1966
Role: Business jet
Manufacturer: Grumman/ Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream G2

Designed to provide high speed and long range capability without sacrificing the perks of its turboprop predecessor, the Gulfstream G2 first found its purpose in the military rather than civilian.
Many people know the Gulfstream G2 as it is today: a twin jet-engine, swept wing corporate aircraft. What most people don’t realize is that like many other aircraft, the G2 was given its first shot by the military. The call went out for a jet-powered aircraft that wouldn’t give up the reliability and airport performance of the Gulfstream G1. The ability to land on small airport runways is often missing from most jet aircraft. Grumman American designed the G2 to include all the perks everyone loved about the G1 yet still bring the aircraft to the cutting edge of technology. After solving several issues regarding the angle in which the jet would stall, the G2 took to the skies for the first time on October 2, 1966.
The G2 saw its’ military life mainly in the form of VIP transport. The United States Coast Guard had a G2 built and used it as a VIP transport while other branches slightly modified the aircraft to fit their needs. Several G2’s were modified and used in the HALO series of aircraft for the Missile Defense Agency. It should be noted though that the G2 was most popular as a special mission aircraft For instance, NASA had four G2’s modified and used as Shuttle Training Aircraft. An STA’s cockpit and flight characteristics mimic that of a space shuttle so it served perfectly as a training aircraft to practice shuttle landings.

The Civilian side of the G2 saw similar service but was mainly used as a high-end VIP transport. The aircraft was considered luxury transportation by most societies so it makes sense to see that G2’s were often bought by wealthy individuals looking to fly in style. Companies and non-government organizations also invested in G2’s and used them to transport their executives. Who wouldn’t want to fly in style?

While the G2 is still in-use today, it is sadly no longer in production. As with many other aircraft, the G2 found itself replaced by the next bigger & better aircraft. Gulfstream has become the industry standard for high-end luxury aircraft and their G-series of jets are in demand across the globe. It should be no surprise that the G2 fits within that market.


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