Company History

Company History




2001: MotoArt is Born

2002: Maximus opens floodgates of editorials

2003: Racing at Reno

2004: Discovery Channel TV Series – Wing Nuts

2005: Tim – Rest In Peace

2006: Move into larger facility 

2007: Fortune 500’s discover MotoArt

2008: New Commerical Aircraft Creations

2009: Making news around the world

2010: Introduced our 100th new product series

2011: New 20,000 sq. ft. facility next to LAX

2012: Open our new 4500 sq. ft. showroom  Note: combo the two following photos

2013: We need more space and obtain a few acres north of Los Angeles for inventory storage

2014: Finishing up final Pieces for Our New 8000 sq. ft. China Office Showroom



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