P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture

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Aviation Art by MotoArt

Stop and look.
The newest Propeller Sculpture by MotoArt will halt your visitors in their tracks, no matter where you place it. Made from rare test club P-3 Orion propellers – not merely replica or decorative props – along with MotoArt’s signature touches, to create a truly museum-worthy work of art.

Take in the beauty.
Choose the right spot in your office or home for this visually arresting piece because it will stop traffic, and quite possibly outshine everything around it. The solid aluminum propeller itself stands 77 1/2″, and sits atop a three-blade clamshell propeller hub, giving this piece a total height of 7’-6″. The propeller blade alone has 300 hours of sanding and polishing, which gives it a mirror shine like no other. The base is illuminated with internal LED lighting, giving you further control in creating a unique look for your space.

We know you’ll love this and here’s why.
You appreciate the beauty of an airplane. You love showing your aviation enthusiasm through your style and aesthetics. Craftsmanship is important to you. Owning a signature piece of MotoArt furniture or art sets you apart from the rest. These may appeal to you too:

  • Made from an authentic P-3 Orion propeller, not a replica
  • Fully custom art piece – choose your finishes and colors
  • Handcrafted in Torrance, California 

P-3 Orion Art

A design worthy of MotoArt’s signature.  The Lockheed P-3 Orion is long-range, four engined turboprop antisubmarine/maritime patrol aircraft, designed for the U.S. Navy during the 1960s. Sixty years later the Orion remains mission ready in a variety of roles all over the world. The P-3 Orion holds a fascination for many, because of its legacy as an advanced maritime aircraft, its role in the Cuban Missile Crisis and beyond, and the unmistakable beauty of its silhouette. Bring this rich history and beauty into your own home or office with a P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture








Each P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture is Custom Made

Choose the finish, the materials, to create the sculpture of your dreams.  Including choosing your painted tip colors and deciding on a color choice for the propeller hub.


Optional Finishes

Authentic (Original Finish and Wear)
Mirror polished
“Clam shell” hub, with internal illumination powder-coated in any color or chrome plated for an all-polished look





P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture
P-3 Orion Propeller Sculpture
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