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Discover MotoArt’s exclusive collection of custom crafted furniture pieces, repurposed from authentic retired planes, blending history, artistry, and functionality into stunning statement pieces for your space.


DC-9 Airplane Desk

MotoArt calls the DC-9 Wing Desk “the executive approach to a solid landing”. It’s truly a standout and there’s no wonder why it is yet another MotoArt creation that has been featured in national magazines all over the world.

Delta Wingman Desk

The MotoArt team couldn’t be more proud of their latest custom-made desk, the Delta Wingman. Born from the two rear stabilizers of the iconic DC-9, also known as the T-tail, this desk literally looks like it could fly out of the office back into the sky where it spent its life.

Delta wingman desk

What we do

MotoArt: Aviation Furniture Design 

Since its inception in 2001, MotoArt has been at the forefront of crafting iconic aviation-inspired pieces, recognized worldwide for their timeless design and craftsmanship, featured prominently in magazines, television shows, blockbuster movies, as well as gracing the interiors of prestigious offices and homes across the globe.

Our Clients

MotoArt proudly serves a diverse clientel including aviation enthusiasts, businesses and corporations, and interior designers, offering unique art and furniture pieces meticulously crafted from retired aircraft.

We’re pleased to offer our bespoke furniture and art installations through an invitation-only model, ensuring each piece is as unique as our distinguished clientele. Contact us to learn how you can be a part of this exclusive experience.


Aviation history, made from actual aircraft skin, that you can hold in your hand. PlaneTags are handcrafted aviation collectibles, made in the USA.

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