DC-9 Airplane Desk

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MotoArt calls the DC-9 Wing Desk “the executive approach to a solid landing”. It’s truly a standout and there’s no wonder why it is yet another MotoArt creation that has been featured in national magazines all over the world.


This custom desk projects a bold, transformational statement with a dynamic style that blends seamlessly in both modern and traditional executive workspaces.  It’s rapidly becoming one the most sought-after executive furniture designs in the MotoArt collection. It vividly interprets the art of work within a functional work of art in boardrooms and estates around the globe.


Cut from the iconic DC-9, widely revered as one of the most durable commercial aircrafts ever in production, the DC-9 Wing Desk is also stout, dependable and extremely well crafted.


The MotoArt team labored for hundreds of hours sanding, grinding and laboring over each wing. More effort was devoted to polishing and buffing until a flawless mirror finish was achieved. Half-inch aluminum plate legs with a gusseted design are methodically welded together to enforce a strong and aesthetically striking base. Holes are machined out to decrease weight and the legs are powder-coated in black chrome and then further defined with polished aluminum faceplates. End-caps are detailed with ½” green glass Plexiglas to allow viewing into the interior workings of the structure.


The handcrafted, custom-made desk is available in lengths from our standard 6’, on up to 18’ for conference rooms, reception areas, etc. It is also offered with an optional ½” tempered glass top. It’s a pristine way to accent the sleek design and protect the surface of this very special piece of custom airplane furniture.

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• Mirror Polished

• Powder coated
• Clear-coated
• Black Chrome


DC-9 Airplane Desk
DC-9 Airplane Desk
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