DC-10 Cowling Bed

You don’t have to fly on a widebody when you’re sleeping on a DC-10 Cowling Bed by MotoArt .    What once served as a 380 passenger McDonnell Douglas DC-10 has been re-birthed into a modern 84″ round bed.   Each custom fabricated cowling bed is available with optional exterior finishes of mirror polished, painted or satin.   …

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C-124 Cargo Bed

Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. The C-124 Cargo Bed has all the right hooks to make most people blush. Constructed from two authentic cargo floors, it includes the original tie-down rings that once strapped down tons of precious military cargo. Each bed frame is custom cut to accommodate the bed size …

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Airline Galley Bar

On a long flight, there’s nothing more inviting than the sight of the shiny silver galley bar moving down the aisle, powered by an attractive flight-attendant, atop those big shopping-cart wheels. It’s a rolling oasis that says, “Everything’s going to be okay. What you want is in this box” The unit looks relatively small but …

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747 Jet Liner Bed

Let our new 747 Jet Liner Bed take you “round the world”. Round beds were popular in the 60’s and are now making a comeback, as they are a refreshing alternative to the rectangular bed. Using an authentic 747 engine nacelle cowling as the headboard, MotoArt combines an 84″ diameter round mattress and box spring …

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PW-747 Cowling Bar

There is something so intriguing about a sizable aircraft component, like a 747 engine cowling that once housed the titanic power of immense amounts of horsepower, transformed into a piece of custom furniture. Fashioned from the engine cowling of the ultra-iconic Boeing 747, it is a shining example of MotoArt’s uncanny talent for repurposing and …

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